Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions
We ask you to read the information below carefully, because ignorance of the offer and the general terms and conditions cannot be the subject of a complaint! If anything is unclear, please call us and we will be happy to help you!
It is assumed that the customer is informed of these general terms and conditions by publishing them on the seller’s public website.

• All agreements, offers and confirmations between the customer and the company BBS + d.o.o. require the written form. Additional oral conditions are invalid.
• We draw your attention to the fact that due to the nature of the products we sell, our terms of sale and delivery are specific. We disagree  with the terms of the customer if they deviate from our terms, unless they have been specially agreed and written.

Measurements, offers and order confirmation
1. BBS + d.o.o. is responsible for the correctness of the dimensions of products, … after customer order, based on the measurement of our company. If the customer conveys dimensions of his own for the order, he is responsible for the correctness.
2. During the measurement, the customer is obliged to provide all data (height, length, width, joint direction, type of material, color, …) and assist in the sales / measurement  procedure for any obstacles (hidden installation, water pipe, power line, … ) to draw attention. In the opposite case, the customer must cover the consequential damage due to damage. In this case, the customer also assumes the costs of the installation interruption.
3. The offer is only valid for specified items, quantities and descriptions. Before confirming the order, the customer must check all descriptions, quantities and values. Later ambiguities after delivery are not recognized and cannot be the subject of a complaint.
4. The validity of the offer is as many days as stated in the offer. With the issuance of a new offer, the previous offer is completely canceled.
5. The written confirmation of the offer and the payment of the cash advance or the estimated value mean that the customer confirms the correctness and suitability of the order, agrees with all offer elements, accepts the terms of payment and declares that he is informed about the entire content of the general terms and conditions , Ignorance of the offer and its content and any ambiguity cannot be the cause of the complaint.
6. All changes are only possible in writing at least one (1) day after the written confirmation of the order, the payment of the advance payment. All subsequent changes are not recognized and the company BBS + d.o.o. has the right to issue an additional invoice for this, which the customer must pay within eight (8) days at the latest.
7. We reserve the right to make changes in production due to design-related technical details or technical regulations.
8. Unless otherwise stated, the customer is liable for the data provided to the company BBS + d.o.o.

9.If the customer submits the order by phone, inquiry form or email, he is responsible for any errors. The customer bears the costs resulting from these errors.
10. The costs for the measurement of the object on site amount to € 50 and must be paid by the customer on account. In the case of an order, this value is added to the purchase money.
11. If the customer does not make a payment within 15 days of receiving the last estimate, it is assumed that he will withdraw from the order.

Prices and payment
1. BBS + d.o.o. reserves the right to change prices if quantities, colors, dimensions or other facts are changed which serve as the basis for the price calculation.
2. Discounts are not added. Promotions are excluded from discounts.
3. Unless otherwise stated or specified, the prices are in EUR.
4. The client can transfer the invoice value to the BBS + d.o.o.  via bank transfer.
5. Representatives, intermediaries, measurement technicians and fitters are not authorized to accept money.
6. Our invoices are payable according to the invoice or at the latest within eight (8) days after the invoice has been issued, unless otherwise agreed and confirmed by us.
7. If the customer is in default of payment and cannot justify it by force majeure, we can demand default interest in accordance with the law.
8. Bills of exchange or order forms are not a basis for ordering or payment insurance.
1. The general VAT rate is 22%.
2. For assembly (apartment up to 120 m2 and residential buildings up to 250 m2) this is 9.5%.
3. If you are subject to tax, you must provide us with precise data with a VAT identification number when you place your order. In the opposite case, later rejection of the invoice due to subsequent changes to the information will not be accepted.
terms of payment
retail sale
Payment terms are defined separately for each customer.
Some variants of payment terms:
1. Payment after completed work in eight (8) days. Payment insurance with an irrevocable bank guarantee.
2. 50% cash advance when ordering, 50% after assembly or clearance. The customer is obliged to pay the rest within eight (8) days after the work has been completed. In the event of late payment, the customer must pay statutory default interest.
Payment terms are defined in accordance with the cooperation agreement, otherwise 100% advance payment applies.
Delivery and delivery dates
1. The approximate delivery date for standard products is 4 – 5 weeks.
2. Delivery dates are determined with regard to the offer. The customer will be informed of the assembly in writing or verbally at least two days before the start of work.
3. The delivery date determined by us begins only after actual measurements and explanations of all technical questions and after the signing of the contract and payment in accordance with the terms of payment.
4. If discrepancies in the element are found during assembly, the delivery date will be extended. In this case, BBS + d.o.o. the discrepancy is determinated as soon as possible.
5. In certain cases, the delivery of the goods can also take place partially, but the customer must be informed of this at least one day before the originally determined date.
6. The customer is obliged to determine any errors when accepting the goods and to immediately written declaration.
7. Material damage (breaks, cracks, …) will only be taken into account when accepting and handing over if the customer immediately gives a written declaration. Later breaks and damage that are not the result of transport or assembly on our part and are caused by a third person or the cause is unknown cannot be the subject of the complaint.
8. The customer confirms that the goods have been delivered in accordance with the offer and that the assembly has been carried out to a high quality. He does this with his signature upon acceptance (delivery note) and with the signature of the assembly report. The customer thus confirms that BBS + d.o.o. fully realized the offer / contract and thus acquires all rights from this relationship.
Delivery of the goods and transfer of risk
1. The customer / buyer must accept products prepared for delivery within 8 days of the seller’s written notification that the items are available in the warehouse for acceptance. A written notification includes email, fax or ordinary mail.
2. If the customer / buyer does not accept the ordered items in the specified date or does not permit assembly, the seller will invoice him for the storage costs, which amount to 0.1% of the value of ordered items per day. The customer / buyer bears the same responsibility for the goods.

  1. The customer is obliged to check accepted items in the usual way or to have them checked and to inform the seller in writing of apparent errors within 8 days after acceptance. The seller must correct any errors found if they are justified.
    Retention of title
    If the customer acts in contravention of the contractual provisions, especially in the event of late payment, we have the right to take back the goods (applies to all elements that have not yet been assembled) without violating the contractual obligations. If the goods are confiscated on our part, the contract may be irrevocably terminated. After the goods have been confiscated, we are authorized to redeem their value and to invoice the customer for the difference between the full value of the goods and any sales costs.
    Warranty and liability for the rectification of defects
    1. It is not possible to return the items because of the customer’s mistakes.
    2. If the customer orders the wrong item or does not fulfill the obligations, we are entitled to reimbursement of all additional costs.
    3. The customer receives the guarantee certificate together with the invoice after the work is completed.
    4. Any improper assembly and unauthorized repair of the item by the customer or a third person during the warranty period will cause an irrevocable loss of warranty.
    5. After the guarantee has expired, we ensure maintenance and spare parts in accordance with the applicable legislation.
    6. The cleaning and maintenance of the material is only permitted with appropriate agents or cleaning agents approved by the manufacturer. The guarantee is not recognized due to the use of unconfirmed cleaning agents.
    7. The condition for the assertion of the guarantee is that the customer fulfills his obligations towards the seller, checks the items immediately after acceptance and submits the complaint request in good time and correctly.
    8. If the goods have an error, for which we are responsible, we are obliged to correct this error or defect as soon as possible. If we do not do this within a certain period, we are obliged to act in accordance with the provisions of the applicable legislation.
    9. Further claims by the customer are excluded, unless this is not determined in advance. So we are not responsible for lost profits or other financial losses due to customer before, during and after assembly of our decking.
    • The guarantee does not exclude consumer rights, which result from the responsibility of the seller for the defective goods.
    • The guarantee applies in Slovenia.

Complaint (assertion of the guarantee)
1. The buyer / customer must inform the seller in writing about the errors for the assertion of the complaint (guarantee) at least 8 days after the discovery of the error.
2. At the seller’s request, the buyer is obliged to enable the seller’s representative to check the claimed goods.
3. The subject of the complaint cannot be minor surface defects if they do not affect the functionality of the article and are not visible from a distance of more than 1.5 m.
4. If the seller is convinced that the complaint is justified, he will give the customer a proposal for resolving the complaint. The solutions to the complaint are the removal of defects, the replacement of the item or the price reduction, which depend on the type and level of the error or the agreement with the buyer / customer.
5. Because of his liability claims, the buyer / customer has no right to withhold any amounts of debt.
6. The seller will not consider any complaints about errors that result from incorrect use or maintenance of the items or from unauthorized or improper assembly. The seller can give additional conditions and requirements for individual types of items, which the buyer / customer must meet in order to be entitled to file a complaint. The seller thus informs the customer at the latest when the goods are delivered.

  1. The buyer / customer must carefully inspect the material and the article before assembly and immediately notify the seller of the discrepancy between the article and the material. If the material and the articles are assembled, the complaint will not be considered.
    8. If the complaint is justified, the seller undertakes to remedy the defects as soon as possible, which means in the shortest possible time.
    • suitable data for the identification of delivered articles, with a precise description of the errors and a picture of the claimed goods,
    • the complaint must be accompanied by the invoice and payment receipt for the claimed item,
    • if the installation has been carried out by the seller or his authorized technician, a copy of the handover report of the installation carried out.
    • The buyer must immediately return the claimed item or individual item due to the seller’s request because of the determination of the right to complain. In the opposite case, the buyer loses the right to complain.
    Installation instructions and conditions for carrying out the services
    1. Additional work that is not part of the offer, but is necessary for the completion of the work, is borne by the customer and will be charged additionally.
    2. In the case of larger and heavier elements, the help of the customer in the transfer is desired, but cannot be an object of payment.
    3. The customer must inform the fitters about the plan and the method of operation before starting the assembly, because after the installation of the elements, incorrect assembly cannot be the subject of a complaint. Such costs are borne by the customer.
    4. The customer must remove all obstacles before the start of assembly, which could impair an undisturbed course of the assembly. He must clean and dry all surfaces to be assembled. He must ensure free access of the elements to the property, continuous stairs and other accesses and a power connection (220 V). He must ensure the protection of people, materials and the working environment. In the case of prolonged assembly, there is also a space with a lock-off facility for storing the tool.
    5. The customer must be present on the property before and after assembly.
    6. After completion of the work, the customer must take over elements, in the opposite case it is assumed that he accepted the goods without errors and comments.
    7. We do not carry out any power lines or connections. The customer has to take care of that.
    data protection
    The seller undertakes to protect the personal data of the customer / buyer. The seller will use this data exclusively for the fulfillment of the order.
    Other important provisions
    Part of the general conditions are also the instructions of the seller for correct assembly, use and maintenance and the cleaning of the items.
    Dispute Settlement
    Unless otherwise stated in the agreement or confirmation, the court in Maribor is responsible for resolving disputes.
    General terms and conditions have been in effect since 01.01.2017 and are publicly available on the website www.beflexy.eu.